This is the about page – quite obvious, eh? It is a page about what I am doing and what this blog might be all about (and what it might become!).

This blog is a personal one. When I set it up some time ago, I wanted it to be a place where I can write my opinion about being an IT Quality Assurance gurl, about my hobbies (and yeah, I have a bunch of those!) and about certain techno babble and maybe some HowTo’s for stuff I had to struggle with myself.

My origin roots are located in Germany – and sometimes I might tend to write more german than english posts, please bear with me, as I do not write short stories in english very often.

In my work time, I am a QA for an IT company. This means I do my best to assure quality of software and try to find those darn little bugs that the developers did not see. This is a really nice job and most fun on my workplace, as I do have the most fabolous team around me!

Here is a short glimpse in what I do in my free time:

I do write short stories – even though I have so little time that they have been in a hybernate state most of the last years.

I am also a bit into that programming stuff you always hear about, when someone tells you that they have studied computer science (yeah, that’s not about “Can you please fix my Windows”).

I do paint miniatures. And I am quite a noob, when it comes to good painting. But I always love to hear critiques and want to improve. I recently found a great community via PaintingBuddha.com/ on slack. If you are a video person, I can totally recommend the Painting Buddha Academy videos and their totally gorgeous video collections for different miniature models.

In the summer months I am also quite busy in the march music business, as I do play the clarinet in a really nice community in my home town. We produce new CD’s every now and then (well, every 5 years for our jubilees), and if you want to take a glimpse, it is located here (but beware, available only in german): Frohsinn-Norf.de/

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