First steps with the Ultimate Paint Rack

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The first part (unboxing)

So – this will be my first unboxing event ever. Really. At least online. I unpacked lots of figurines and miniatures before. But I was really eager to wait for that Indiegogo campaign to finish up. All you painters know the pain of having limited workspace (ah, well – most of you do ;-)). Massive Voodoo did an Indiegogo campaign, because they wanted a travel rack, where you can store lots and lots of colours to take from A to B. And of course the size did matter!

The Indiegogo pledge

I liked the idea and pledged for the campaign. You could get the rack with a travel case and „rack only“, as well as many others. I went for the ultimate level – because. You know why!

Ultimate pledge level

What I got

Some weeks ago the parcel arrived. But I had no time to look through everything. So I’ll do that now. Here you can see all the different packed tiles, nicely wrapped in some foil.

All the packages

Additionally (as the pledge level said), the carrying strap (much cooler then intended) for the travel box, the wet palette, a bunch of stickers, a personalization card, knuckles and bolts (and some adhesive strips for the drawers), plus a cool t-shirt:

Additional stuff in the box

The only thing missing is the brush box, which I ordered additionally. Sadly Massive Voodoo had some problems with the manufacturer. 🙁 So I am still waiting for that one.

Sadly the announced assembly video on the front page of the assembly instructions under is still not available – after all the waves which already have been shipped.

The second part (first time assembly)

But back to business:

Some hint for all of you who still need to assemble the paint rack: Do a dry run first! There are wood parts that only fit in one direction. Try rotating them for the best fit first before you start to glue everything together!

Failure of assembling the main body

I started with the main body of the paint rack. And yeah, that fails horribly when you expect it to stick together. That’s why you need glue for that. 😉 I assembled it vertically – the right outer wood tile as the bottom and then sticking everyhting in it. This helps a bit to get a grip on how the different lasercut tiles fit into each other.

Drawer assembled

Then I went on with the drawer, which comes with the minimal paint rack version. It consists of two more rows to put colours in. When watching it from behind (no picture taken sadly), there is also plenty of room to stuff all kinds of things into.

Lower drawer assembled

The additional drawer (which you could order seperately) is a simple box with interchangable separators.

As you can see, the instructions are very much IKEA style. You need to watch carefully which wood tile is requiered where, nevertheless! There are many tiles which do have close resemblence.

You might have noticed that I have talked about the Ultimate pledge. This one also contains the travel case. As I do not have that much room on my work table, I did neither do any pictures yet nor did I assemble it. This will be a later part of this unpacking process.

The third part (personalization)

Nevertheless I wanted the rack to be a bit more personal than the usual wood color. I bought some green „Behandla“ from the nice company with the huge blue icons on the yellow ground. I found a bunch of colour markers and a big brush.

Setup of the workplace

On this picture you can still see the bubble wrap foil the rack came in. It was really nicely packed, no worries for broken tiles!

After unravelling everything and first time assembly, I started to paint the „inner“ lying (and hidden) faces with the Behandla. That actually was it for that day. Behandla is a wood glazing paint and it needs some time to dry properly. As the wood tiles of the rack have not been treated with any other chemicals before, this was the perfect choice.

Starting the action 01

The thick parts were no problem (as you can see above). The thinner (roughly 1mm) parts bent. Well, some did, some didn’t, as you can see on the next picture. I painted all the surfaces with one layer of Behandla, because I did not want the colour to be too dark.

Starting the action 02

Here you can see the whole wook tiles for the main body. There are some tiles partly hidden below the thicker ones (because of the bending issue).

Starting the action 03

After some time (when I had finished painting all tiles), and they had some time to settle with the colour, I stacked them up and weighted them with some heavy books. I remembered that we did that when I was litte with flower petals. So it also might help the wood to unbend.

Starting the action 04

I will leave the rack like this for another 24 hours. After that I’ll start with the second wave of painting the still unpainted parts (where I did not go with the Behandla).

If you have any open questions – please feel free to ask!



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