Paint rack – the drawing of the drawers

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First things first: I did not paint the rack without help. Help was provided by art prints of the great Ludovic Collingwood. I bought a set of four prints when I was over in Australia in 1999 (I think it was in Kuranda).

I still love to look closely at those prints, as I still find things in them I haven’t seen before. So: please go over to the various places that sell Ludovic’s art and grab prints. They really are outstanding and rather unique in their scenery and carricature of the creatures of Australia!

Ludovic Collingwood

Working from bottom to top

So I started with closely watching Ludovic Collingwood’s prints and put some of his creatures to good use on all three drawers. I wanted the paint rack (with having three levels) to show water, jungle and desert scenery from bottom to top. So I wanted the (already mostly) green painted rack to consist of three somewhat totally different environments, thusly featuring different ground colours.

Bottom drawer

I outlined the rough contoures and tried to get a 360 view for the bottom drawer. So I also drew on both sides of the drawer:


Then I started with using the colour markers. I painted all the creatures and made them really colourful, because the background would be mostly blue. I wanted them to stick out:


I was so full of joy because it went so well with the markers, no smudging and stuff, that I did make a mistake. You may remember that I said in the unboxing blog post that you should be aware of how the different wood tiles stick together and normally there is only one position they „pop“ in each other. Well. I failed. Big time. As I was in my painting fury, I did not realize that I turned the back of the bottom drawer 180° and painted it „upside down“. Well. Nothing a cutter and some pencil marks could not fix. Nevertheless I was a bit furious about myself. 😉


Then I started using the blue „Behandla“ (from that nice company with the big blue letters on yellow ground), carefully, with a small brush, so that I would not spoint the colour markers paint. The next two images show the „before and after“ look for the front and back panels:


And just because I am a bit proud about how this drawer turned out, here are some more „show off“ pictures. 😉



Second level drawer

Appointments and every-day-life caught me unprepared and it took me some time to make the outlines for the second drawer. This one comes with two levels for paints and I wanted it to have kind of a jungle theme.


To keep it short: I somewhat forgot to take many „work in progess“ shots. And as I spammed you already with the bottom drawer, so that I will present you only three shots. This one should refer to a sleeping painting buddha mouse. Well, I still think that it looks a bit off for a mouse. But I love her. 😉


The next picture shows one scene that is already coated and outlined with a black marker.

Painting the background ate some weeks of time, as IKEA always turned me down, when I asked for yellow Behandla. They told me for weeks „yeah, there will be new stock next friday“. I finally got rather fed up and went into the home improvement store and bought a can of pine wood glaze. This glaze (as Behandla is also a wood glaze) turned out to be somewhat yellow on the paint rack (I wanted it to be a bit more yellow and a bit brighter, but you don’t always get what you want).


The paint rack sides feature some more jungle theme:


Top level of the rack

Some days ago I finally made it to the top level of the rack (*yay*). This one should be themed with kangaroos and desert!


When I was done outlining the kangaroos, I was struggling with what else to put there. So I dug in my mind and came up with „famous rocks of Australia“ and started with a rough sketch (from left to right) of the Olgas, the Ayers Rock and the Three Sisters (and yeah, I am totally sure that no-one would have guessed that when first staring at the next picture):


As the top level is a place with three platforms for colours, I imagined it to have some kind of horizon to make it a bit more interesting:


And yeah, the sides of the rack where glazed with the pine glaze before I did glaze the top drawer, so that I did not use the horizon thing here:


I also tried to hide a predator and an alien inside the jungle on the sides of the paint rack. They looked rather good in the contoures, but I think I failed terribly when painting them. 😉

The wood glaze takes some time to settle and dry properly. So I will be back with the next part, when I put it all together.

Thank you for watching and reading. As always: feel free to ask stuff. 🙂

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  1. Jack Crowe
    19. Juli 2015

    Awesome sauce Petra!! Loving every bit of this.

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