Paint rack – assembling the rack

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Assembly was pretty straight forward. If you ever set up something with IKEA instructions, this is a piece of cake! 😉

I already finished the bottom drawer in the posting before, this was only sticking 5 pieces of wood together and glue them at the edges.

The middle drawer was a bit trickier, as the wood planks were rather thin and could bend rather fast. I used some bar clamps and Ponal „Fix & Fest“ glue, which sticks in an instant, needs 24 hours to dry and 48 hours until dried out completely with maximum firmness and stability. I glued the standing tiles first and put in the horizontal tiles in after first fixity was reached. I also used shoe laces for getting everything together, because I did not have any tension belts at hand.


I really recommend to have one or two small tension belts for the corpus. They do not need to be fully tight on the case, but they help that nothing slips out of way. Next picture is a close up of the upper level of the paint rack body.


You can see that I did not pay enough attention on distance and perspective when painting. Nevertheless, when you move around the rack you can always see some point of the rack that fits perfectly. 😀


When waiting another day for having the glue to be settled completely, this is the sight of the completely assembled paint rack. I am still pretty happy with the outcome!


Left side:


This is the back. As you can see, the middle drawer has some compartments on the back where you can stuff some stuff in when travelling.


Right side:


Here are some pictures for how colours fit on the middle drawer. There are Games Workshop pots, as well as the drip bottles from Vallejo (same as mostly any other colours fabricant is using).


The top platform has three levels for paints. As you can see here, I added some pigment pots – they are a bit higher than the Games Workshop ones and fit perfectly.


Last close up for today (perspective of Uluru is perfect, the kangaroo and the three sisters are a bit „off“):


Next (and last) post of the paint rack will feature the optional travelling case of the rack and some last thoughts about the add ons.

Have fun and see you next post!

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