Paint rack – the case and some more

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Assembling the case and creativity

I am a bit late this week, but it was a hell of a week, full of nice people people, work, work, work, migranes and trying out my new set of Scale75 colours.

Nevertheless I finally assembled the paint rack’s case and want to throw some final thoughts about the rack and the gimmicks of the Massive Voodoo campaign around.

As you can see, the case also comes in its cosy wrap foil. It was packed in two parcels:

Paint rack case, still packed

It took me rather long to find the fourth colour of wood glaze, as IKEA did tell me for weeks that the yellow Behandla will come in „next friday“. I finally went to a home improvement store and bought the yellow there. I wanted the case to be simple coloured, as the rack is rather … well … colourful. 😉


Paint rack case, unpacked with colours

I wanted blue and green for the front, yellow for the side panels and black (which turns into a nice brown when only used once) for the small bits.

Trying to fit case over rack

As you can see, I already painted and assembled it (no IKEA step-by-step pictures here!). It fits over the rack perfectly. You might need to try three to four times to get it off the rack in one go. If it still does not lift perfectly, have a look at the screw threads that you need to put into the rack.

One side peek

As you can see on the following pictures – totally without purpose – both handle holes have nice images popping out:

Other side peek

I did put the screw in to check if the paint rack and the case can be handled with this tiny hold mechanism. The screws have big plastic handles and can be used easily:

One side with screw

I also tried the rack with a strap (in-house) to see if I screwed the metal handles on safetly:

Fully equipped and assembled rack with case, dangling from door

Then I found the colour choice a bit boring (within half an hour watching at it). And I decided that I could use the stickers I got from Massive Voodoo with their kickstarter. And that I needed to pin on my address card as well!

Stick it with stickers!

And this is where the „not so much fun“ fun part started. I did not let the colours settle enough, they still pumped out fumes wildly. This resulted in the following pictures. The stickers stuck for 10 minutes and then fell down:

Stickers peeling off

Adress card peeling off

So I thought about double side adhesive tape (as you use for carpets) and put every sticker on this and then back to the case:

Adhesive tape will fix everything!

Final result: I just should have waited a couple of days before adding stickers to the box. Maybe then the stickers would have sticked without additional help. 😉

Final result

I also plan to put more stickers on the box. I like that „design thing“ stickers do to things (like old luggage for example), making everything interesting.

Final thoughts about the rack, the kickstarter and everything

I really like the rack. It already got a nice place on my table and I threw away my old white Games Workshop boxes (they were roughly 20 years old and on heavy duty) that I used before. I still find it astounding how much space I gained and how easily all my colours fit in there!

I did not take the rack in its case for a ride. But this will surely happen in the next time. I am rather looking forward to it! And getting new stickers will also be a nice hobby. 😀

Now to the rest of the Kickstarter:

  • Shirts have been washed and did not loose any colours – this is a good thing!
  • I am still waiting for my brush box. Massive Voodoo wrote in their mail and on the kickstarter page that they will give info in late july. Well, still waiting. This sucks a bit.
  • The stickers are gorgeous!
  • Lastly: the so called „wet palette“. It is too deep, too dark! It measures roughly 3 cm’s in depth, which is not easy to handle if you need to dunk down your brush every time (maybe also in a not well lit area) to reach the colours.
    And it seems to be a relabled food tray as you can see the BPA free logo and the food logo imprinted on the bottom of the box:

    PBA free bread box

    This is the only minus point I give here, as I really had fun painting and assembling the rack. I bought two of those „wet palettes“ and I will plainly use them as bread boxes for breakfast. I used the sponges in my old wet palette, which works rather good. But really, a bread box was not what I expected from the colourful name „wet palette“.

    Full picture

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