Painting a nerf gun

I bought a Nerf Rebelle. My first Rebelle. I am more in the Zombie Strike line of Nerfs. I like their design a lot. The N-Strike line is propably the line I like the less of all the Nerfs out there.

So I bought a Rebelle. Because a friend told me that they hit harder than every other line of Nerfs. Turned out this specific Spylight Blaster did a horrible job in shooting darts:


This is the initial look of the gun. I like the smooth design, so much different from all the edgy army Nerf styles. But I did not like the colours. So I started to look into the interiour of the gun because I wanted it to fire at least as good as the other lines. Turned out that it lost air on the way of shooting a bullet out of the chamber. So I bought some foam rubber and closed down the holes between the rotating chamber and the compression unit.


And whilst the gun laid open before me, I got this crazy idea to change the colour scheme. And I started googling my eyes out. There are so many steampunk styled guns. And so many really great conversions. And really many newly painted guns in army style. But I did find absolutely no pictures showing more feminist styles, more girly guns (neither pink nor other colours) or more bling bling Svarovski Nerfs.

Why not? I asked myself. Because girls and women are not into modding Nerfs? Maybe they are, but they are doing steampunk? Because everyone does? I did not want a Steampunk Rebelle. I wanted something different. Kinda girly. But with more nerdism in it.

So, without a clue of what I wanted to do, I ran into the home improvement store. And I bought some spray cans with plastic primer and three cans with colours. And then I sprayed.


I tried a first assembly of the tiles to see if I liked the colour scheme. And it turned out great.


Then I really needed to think about what I wanted to really paint on the gun. And then it came over me. I wanted a Ghibli styled gun. Two things that never happened before: A girly approach with other colours than pink, lilac and orange. And a Ghibli style. So I started drawing figures from Spirited away and Princess Mononoke on the gun parts with a pencil.



And after this I tried my brand new Scale 75 acrylics miniature painters colour set. I must admit the colours are a bit hard to handle when you try them for the first time. You need to think more „in layers“ and sometimes need to paint one spot more than once to really get it covered up.



But in the end, after some painting sessions, both body parts turned out as I wanted them to be:



I sprayed them with matte varnish like hell (well, at least until the spray can was empty). And then some more (yeah, needed to buy a new spray can first). And this is the result. A rather unique, non steampunk gun. Guys! Watch out!




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