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Petra Lehrmann

Trautenauer Straße 31

44225 Dortmund
E-Mail:     petra (at)

Responsible for the content of the webpage according to § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Petra Lehrmann

Trautenauer Straße 31

44225 Dortmund

List of references for the used images and graphics on this webpage:

The theme “Tracks” is made and maintained by Compete Themes. Have a look at their nice themes here: Competethemes

The starry background was taken from the stock pictures of the most talented love-raider over at Please visit her stock site and her official page and give her credit if you like her art: love-raiderstock and love-raider!

The teesy-tiny cat on the left upper edge is the most beautiful Dinah from Disney’s movie “Alice in Wonderland”. I have done a vector graphic of her and tweaked her a bit from her browny fur to a more reddish one.

Category images are from Shutterstock.

All other usage of images and / or graphics of third party webpages will be fully mentioned and credited in the respective articles.


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